Bangladesh peacekeepers have rescued a group of Chinese workers from a gold mine in the Central African Republic from an attack by armed rebels.

This information was given in a notification sent from the Inter-Services Directorate (ISPR) on Sunday (January 31). 

On December 16, armed rebels attacked a Chinese labor group at a gold mine in the Gaga area of ​​the Central African Republic and looted seven mining vehicles, the statement said. As a result of the incident, 32 miners were fleeing from the mine area and a group of Bangladeshi peacekeepers sought refuge and sought refuge. The Bangladeshi patrol team rescued them and took them to their safety and shelter.

In addition, Bangladeshi peacekeepers provide much-needed food, drink and medical assistance to frightened Chinese workers, the statement said. This generosity and courageous action of the Bangladeshi convicts was appreciated by all including the mission headquarters.

In this context, the Permanent Representative of the People’s Republic of China to the United Nations sent a letter of appreciation to the Bangladeshi peacekeepers for rescuing their citizens and providing necessary security and shelter through friendly treatment.