In the last 24 hours, 6 more people have died due to the epidemic corona virus in the country. The death toll rose to 6,408. Besides, in the last 24 hours, new corona has been identified in the bodies of 365 more people. With this, a total of 5 lakh 46 thousand 216 people were identified in the country.

The coronavirus was reported in a press release issued by the Department of Health on Sunday (February 26) afternoon.

Additional Director General (Administration) Professor. It is further mentioned in the press release signed by Nasima Sultana that 617 more people have recovered on this day. A total of 4 lakh 96 thousand 924 people have recovered.

Earlier on Friday (February 28), corona was identified in the bodies of 407 more people in the country. Besides, 5 people died among the victims.

The first case of coronavirus was detected in the country on March 8. The first news of his death came on March 17, 10 days later. As such, Bangladesh is passing the 317th day of identifying Kovid-19.

Outbreaks of coronavirus began in China in December last year. It is currently spread across 213 countries and regions around the world. On March 11, the World Health Organization declared Kovid 19 a global epidemic.

Meanwhile, according to WorldOmiter, a website that keeps coronavirus-infected and fatal statistics, 11 crore 43 lakh 85 thousand 951 people have been infected with coronavirus and 25 lakh 36 thousand 611 people have died in the world till Sunday (February 28) morning. 6 crore 99 lakh 21 thousand 256 people have returned home after recovering.


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