Investors are not interested in the shares of at least 62 companies listed on the stock exchange. As a result, even though hundreds of shares of these companies have been sold, the buyers are suffering from the crisis. 

This figure was seen on the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) in the first quarter of an hour of trading on Tuesday (February 23).

Most of the shares started trading this morning. The index also continues to rise, but it did not last long. After just 17 minutes, the pressure to sell shares began. This time the index increases by 22 points.   

After that, the share price of most companies, including multinational companies, started to decrease. And it slows down the transaction along with the index.

Among the companies traded on the DSE till 11:15 am, the share prices of 110 companies rose, 85 fell and 105 remained unchanged.

During this time, the main index of DSE has decreased by 18 points and stood at 5,038 points. Among the other two indices, the DS-30 index is down 14 points and the DSE index is down 4 points. The transaction was 206 crore 3 lakh 26 thousand rupees.

On the other hand, the main index of the Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) fell by 63 points to 15,003 points. During this time the transaction was 5 crore 1 lakh 64 thousand rupees. Of the companies traded, 29 rose, 34 declined and 24 remained unchanged.


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