Malaysia will not take foreign workers until the end of the Ronavirus epidemic. This was stated by the Minister of Plant Industry and Products, Dr. Datuk, after visiting a pilot project of pepper in Felda Inas Utara on Sunday. Mohammad Khairuddin Aman Rajali.

He said the government was also evaluating the ability of companies following the Covid-19 standard operating system to provide housing. Strict SOPs are in place to ensure that there is no outbreak in the number of foreign-dependent sectors.

If this is successful, the government will consider hiring foreign workers. However, in all cases, the Malaysian staff will be given priority. The government will also take up rehabilitation programs by recruiting illegal immigrants to fill vacancies in some sectors, the minister said.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Hossain Sabri Yakub said 3,12,823 foreign workers had been tested for Covid-19 till December last year. Of these, 6,093 people were found to have Covid-19 positive. They have been given advanced treatment.


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