Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called upon those who are criticizing the published Higher Secondary (HSC) and equivalent results to refrain from unnecessary criticism.

He made the call while announcing the results of Higher Secondary (HSC) and equivalent assessments for 2020. News UNB

The Prime Minister said negative comments about the results would create stress on the students. I urge those who are making such comments to refrain from it.

The results were officially announced by the International Mother Tongue Institute in the capital on Saturday morning. The Prime Minister joined the function through video conference from Ganobhaban.

As the exams were not held due to Kovid-19 epidemic, this time the results of HSC have been evaluated on the basis of the average results of SSC and JSC exams. These results are expressed through a combination of 75 per cent from SSC and 25 per cent from JSC-JDC.

The Prime Minister said many people are talking a lot. But I think it’s better not to talk about unnecessary comments or bitterness. That is why they (students) are able to go to school, college and university, which is a big obstacle in their lives. In this situation many are making negative comments about their results and its method which will create emotional stress on the students.

Expressing support for not taking HSC and equivalent examinations, Sheikh Hasina said the decision was taken by the government to ensure health protection of students, teachers and other employees.

The Prime Minister said many people are talking about sensitive issues. But if this test was held then who would be responsible if someone was infected? Would those who are criticizing the new method of making results take responsibility?

He said critics would launch new attacks on the government if anyone was hit by Corona during the test.

Sheikh Hasina said, “It is a great pity for us that if you do something, there will be some people who will find fault there anyway, but they will never think about the consequences of this criticism.”

Regarding the re-opening of educational institutions, the Prime Minister said the way the government has been able to control Kovid-19 and if everyone follows the hygiene rules properly, it will come under complete control. Then we will be able to reopen our educational institutions very soon.

In this context, the Prime Minister further said that the government will monitor the situation in Corona in February, as it had spread widely in the country in March last year.

“If the situation is good in February, then we will take steps to reopen the limited number of educational institutions. We have such plans,” he said. The Prime Minister has therefore requested Sabail to follow proper hygiene rules.

Education Minister Dipu Moni and Deputy Education Minister Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury Nawfel also addressed the function. On behalf of the Prime Minister, the Education Minister took a summary of the HSC results from the Chairmen of the Boards of Education.