Prime Minister’s Adviser on Information Technology Sajeeb Wazed Joy has said that there is no such thing as absolute or infinite freedom of speech in any country of the world. He also said that the country’s digital security laws have been enacted in imitation of existing laws in other European countries.

Sajib Wazed Joy said, “You have no right to harm anyone.”

Joy made the remarks in a post on her verified Facebook page on Thursday (February 11th). He advised to stop criticizing the digital security law of Bangladesh.

Sajib Wazed Joy writes that a leading political leader has been brought to justice in France for violating the law through an online post. We have created our digital security laws in the style of European countries like France and Germany (where hate speech, Holocaust denial is prohibited).

“Those who have been complaining about our digital security laws should stop crying to Western masters,” he said. Because most of those western lords have similar laws.

In the post he shares a link to a BBC report. The report said Marine Lou Penn, France’s far-right leader, had recently been brought to justice for posting pictures of Islamic State militants being killed by jihadist groups. He has been charged with violating the Hate Speech Act. However, he criticized the judicial process for appearing in court as politically motivated.

The BBC reports that Lou Penn is being considered as a potential candidate for the right-wing party The National Rally in the 2022 French presidential election and a key rival of French President Emmanuel Macron.


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