Effective modern vaccine against new types of corona

Scientists at a US pharmaceutical company have claimed that the modern Covid-19 vaccine has been shown to be effective against a new strain of coronavirus found in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

Preliminary laboratory tests have shown that the body’s immune system develops after the vaccine, which has been able to detect and prevent the new strain.

However, more research will be needed to make sure that this is true for people who have been vaccinated.

The new strain of coronavirus is spreading rapidly in several countries.

The idea is that this new strain of coronavirus could spread faster than the previous one. However, it is not considered more dangerous than before.

Experts estimate that the virus, which was identified in the UK last September, could spread at least 70 per cent more.

The vaccines that have been discovered around the world today are designed to prevent the early form of coronavirus. But scientists believe it will also work to prevent new types, although they are not entirely sure.

Although some preliminary results have been found, Pfizer’s vaccine is effective against new types in the UK.

In this study, scientists took blood samples from eight people who had received two doses of the modern vaccine.

The results of their study have not yet been expertly reviewed, but the idea is that the vaccine could identify a new strain of coronavirus.

Antibodies created by the body’s immune system due to the vaccine prevent the virus from entering the body’s cells.

In blood samples that have been tested, sufficient antibodies have been found to prevent the new strain of the virus. However, it is not as effective in preventing new strains of the virus in the United Kingdom as it is in South Africa.

Modern research is now looking into whether a third dose is beneficial.

At the same time, like other scientists, they are examining whether the vaccine can be more effective in dealing with new strains if it is redesigned. Source: BBC Bangla.