The number of people affected by corona in the world so far is 10 crore 91 lakh 1 thousand 908. Of these, 24 lakh 5 thousand 37 people died. Already 6 crore 11 lakh 26 thousand 214 people have returned home after recovering from Corona.

According to the statistics website WorldMeter, the United States is by far the worst hit in Corona. The country has the highest number of attacks and deaths. The number of people infected with corona in the United States so far is 2 crore 81 lakh 97 thousand 984. Of these, 4 lakh 96 thousand 83 people died. 1 crore 61 lakh 53 thousand 128 people have recovered from corona in the country.

India is second only to the United States in infection. The number of victims there so far is 1 crore 90 lakh 4 thousand 736. Of these, 1 lakh 55 thousand 83 people died. 1 crore 6 lakh 9 thousand 6 people have already recovered in the country.

Meanwhile, 98 lakh 11 thousand 255 people have been infected in Brazil so far. In the country, 2 lakh 36 thousand 648 people have died due to corona. 7 lakh 10 thousand 640 people have already recovered.

The number of people affected by corona in Russia so far is 4 million 57 thousand 798. Of these, 79,798 died. In the country, 35 lakh 8 thousand 906 people have recovered from Corona.

The number of victims in the UK so far is 40 lakh 26 thousand 106. Of these, 1 lakh 18 thousand 908 people died. 21 lakh 25 thousand 331 people have already recovered.

The number of victims in France so far is 34 lakh 46 thousand 618. Of these, 61,748 people died. In the country, 2 lakh 36 thousand 753 people have already recovered from Corona.

Meanwhile, the number of victims in Spain so far is 30 lakh 57 thousand 35. Of these, 74,748 people died. The number of victims in Italy is 26 lakh 10 thousand 619. So far 93,358 people have died.

China, the country of origin of the virus, is ranked 63rd. The current number of infected people in the country is 79,063. Of these, 4,636 people have died.

The first coronavirus was detected in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. The first patient died in Corona on January 9 last year. On January 13 of that year, the first corona patient was identified outside of China in Thailand. Later, the virus gradually spread throughout the world.


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