Listed company Aman Feed Limited’s land and factory are up for auction again. Lender AB Bank Limited has again issued an auction notice in the newspaper last Thursday (February 4) to collect a total loan of Tk 261.49 crore. The auction will be held on February 26. This information has been known from the bank sources.

According to the source, on August 8, AB Bank Limited issued a notification in a newspaper to auction the land of Aman Feed. According to the notification, AB Bank owed a total of Tk 26 crore to Aman Feed till July 31, including loans and interest. The bank has mortgages on factory, land and land in Sirajganj and Gazipur.

The company then approached the court seeking repayment of the loan. The court directed the company to repay the loan in three installments of Tk 20 crore per month by December 2020. After paying this amount, instructions will be given later on the payment of the remaining amount.

But the company did not pay any installment within the stipulated time. In this context, on January 21, 2021, the lender organization published the second round of auction notification. Then in the last week of January, the company pays the first installment and will pay the remaining installments immediately – the bank suspended the auction notice on this promise. But last Thursday (February 4, 2021) the auction notice was published again. Which will be held on February 26.

The bank says the company has been given time and time again. But the company is not interested in paying the installment. So the bank is forced to resort to auction.


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