Robi Axiata has been the focus of interest of ordinary investors since the beginning of the transaction as a mobile operator and multinational company, despite the weak profits. So that the drawn rate continues to increase. Institutional investors withdrew their investments in January, as they did in December, to gain several times the interest of ordinary investors.

Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) sources said.

Among the IPO winners of Robi Axiata, the general investors got 500 shares against 1 BO account. But institutional investors have received about 275,000 shares. So that they have benefited the most from the unusual rise of the company.

In this situation the institutional investors start withdrawing the investment within the period of interest of the general investors considering the overall condition of the company. Those who sold 2 crore 82 lakh 64 thousand 640 shares in the last 31 December. Then in January it sold another 2 crore 4 lakh 26 thousand 940 shares. In other words, they have sold 31.41 percent of their shares.

Institutional investors received 15 crore 50 lakh 96 thousand 960 shares in Robi’s IPO with 40 percent quota. Which was 2.96 per cent of the total paid up capital of the company. However, on January 31, the shareholding or ownership fell to 2.03 percent. In other words, institutional investors have sold 4 crore 8 lakh 12 thousand 60 shares by January 31.

So that on 31st January, the share holding of institutional investors in Robi Axiata has come down to 10 crore 83 lakh 74 thousand 160.

Meanwhile, institutional investors have left Robi Axiata, but ordinary investors are getting involved. As a result, Robi’s shareholding has increased from 8.04 per cent to 6.92 per cent on January 31.

Robi has issued 52 crore 36 lakh 93 thousand 334 shares in the IPO. Of these, 13 crore 80 lakh 50 thousand 934 have been issued among the officers and employees. Out of the remaining 36 crore 8 lakh 42 thousand 400 shares, 40 crore were issued among the institutional investors as 15 crore 50 lakh 96 thousand 960 shares.