Shares of Beximco Synthetics Limited, a listed company, have been extended by 10 points. As per the directives of Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC), the closing period of the company has been extended for another 15 days.

This information has been known from DSE sources.

According to sources, the company’s transactions will be closed for another 15 days from Saturday, February 20.

Earlier in the ninth phase from 5th February to 16th February, in the 7th phase from 21st January to 4th February, in the 7th phase from 6th January to 20th January, in the 6th phase from 22nd December to 5th January, in the 5th phase from 6th December to 21st December, in the fourth phase from 22nd November. In the third phase, the company was closed from November 9 to November 19, in the second phase from October 23 to November 8 and in the first phase from October 8 to October 22.

Incidentally, on September 6 last year, BSEC suspended the trading of the company’s shares. The company would like to be delisted voluntarily. Investors or the company will suffer if the share price rises or falls abnormally in this news. So the commission has taken this decision.

It is learned that BSEC has given a directive in this regard to Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE). Section 9, Section 6 of the 1989 Act directed to suspend the transaction. The stock exchange, on the other hand, may suspend trading for 30 days in the first instance under section 8 of section 9 of the 1979 Act. Later it can be increased to 14 days.


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