Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has announced a monthly allowance of Tk 20,000 for the heroic freedom fighters who participated in the great liberation war. He spoke about the coordination of allowances for this purpose.

The announcement was made by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the inauguration ceremony of the electronic honorarium for the freedom fighters on Monday (February 15).

At that time, the Prime Minister said, ‘Ordinary freedom fighters and then those who are there get 12 thousand rupees, then again some 15 thousand, some 20 thousand, without that everyone will get 20 thousand rupees. And those above, that is, the title holders will be a little different. It is better to give allowance to everyone together. Because everyone has fought the war of liberation. ‘

The Prime Minister said, ‘Now the martyr’s family is given 30 thousand rupees. The families of the killed and wounded received 25,000 each. And Birshreshtha Shaheed family gets 35 thousand monthly. Those with the title of Bir Uttam get Rs 25,000 per month, Bir Bikram Rs 20,000 and Bir Pratik Rs 15,000. These should be brought together in one place without sharing so much. We have a freedom fighters ‘ministry, they will settle it by settling accounts or sitting with the trust.’


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