Egeneration’s share trading, which has completed the initial public offering process, will start trading on the stock market from February 23 (Tuesday). According to DSE sources.

It is learned that the trading code of the company in ‘N’ category DSE is: “EGEN” and the company code is: 22852.

Among the applicants for the company’s IPO on February 18, lottery winners were awarded shares as Beneficiary Owners (BOs).

Earlier, a lottery draw was held on February 8 to distribute shares among the applicants in the company’s IPO. Earlier, applications were made for the company’s IPO from January 12 to January 18. The company’s IPO received applications worth Tk 811.40 crore or 40.7 times against Tk 15 crore.

The company will raise Tk 15 crore by issuing 15 million shares at face value. Which will handle digital platform solutions, new market development, IoT-based solutions and IPO costs.

Egeneration’s earnings per share (EPS) for the 2018-19 financial year was Tk 1.72. The net asset value per share (NAVPS) is Rs 20.56.

The controversial NRB Equity Management Limited is acting as the issue manager of the company. The IPO of the company was approved at the 845th meeting of the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission on October 21.


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