Coming to bid farewell to ATM Shamsuzzaman, the talented actress Anwara said, ‘The bad guy on screen was actually a very good man. Legendary actor ATM Shamsuzzaman played a negative role on the screen but in reality he was a very good person, said the veteran actress.

On Saturday (February 20), Anwara arrived at Sutrapur in the capital’s Old Dhaka to see ATM Shamsuzzaman for the last time.

The bereaved actress recalled co-star ATM Shamsuzzaman, saying, “He usually played the role of a villain. Although he played the role of a bad man on the screen, in reality there were many good people. I have many memories with him. That cannot be said. ‘ He also wished for the soul of the late ATM Shamsuzzaman.

Musician Mohammad rushed to pay his last respects to ATM Shamsuzzaman. Rafiqul Alam, actor Ilyas Kanchan, Vrindavan Das, Shahnaz Khushi, producer SA Alik, Dipu Hazra and others.


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