The miscreants swindled ৮ 61 million from Bangladesh Bank through the Swift code by forging from the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States. The money was later sent to the Philippines. The hacker group is believed to have laundered the reserves with the help of a domestic clique.

However, the United States has given new information about the theft of reserves. The country has claimed that a North Korean military hacker group was behind the theft of money from various countries, institutions and individuals, including Bangladesh Bank’s reserves.

The lawsuit was filed in a Los Angeles court on Wednesday against Park Geun-hye, 36, John Chang-Hyek, 31, and Kim Il-Il, 31, according to international media reports. The United States has said in a statement that it is a member of North Korea’s military intelligence agency.

The three North Korean military hackers are known in the cyber security community as the Lazarus Group and the Advanced Persistent Threat 36 (ATP 36).

That being said, these three are involved in all the major cyber attacks around the world. In 2014, they stole at least কোটি 1.3 billion from Sony Pictures Entertainment, followed by banks in many countries in Asia and Africa. It contains a huge amount of cryptocurrencies (digital money).

According to Acting U.S. Attorney Tracy Wilkinson, the range of criminal activities of long-time North Korean hackers is vast and the crimes they have committed are astonishing!

Referring to the state motives behind these hackers, he said that according to the details of the indictment, it was the work of a criminal state who did not stop at anything in the interest of revenge and making money.

It is known that these hackers from North Korea attacked Sony Pictures in 2014. Then Bangladesh, Vietnam, Taiwan, Mexico, Malta and other countries have stolen huge amount of money through hacking.

In 2016, they allegedly stole ৮ 61 million from Bangladesh’s central bank reserves. North Korean hackers also stole লাখ 8.1 million from Pakistan’s Islamic Bank.

They are accused of stealing সাড়ে 75 million from a Slovenian cryptocurrency company, আ 25 million from an Indonesian company and কোটি 12 million from a New York company.

U.S. officials say they have carried out the operation outside North Korea, in countries such as China and Russia.

Park was already accused of stealing money from Sony Pictures and Bangladesh Bank. The United States has added two more hackers to the North Korean intelligence service.

Sources: AFP, The Guardian.


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