The government has decided to start classes at the university from May 24. However, a week before that, all the residential halls of the universities will open on May 16, said the Education Minister. Dipu Moni.

The decision was announced by the education minister at an emergency press conference today (February 22).

As the prevalence of corona has come down, there have been demands from various quarters since the beginning of this year to reopen the educational institutions. Students of different universities joined the movement. The latest students from Dhaka University (DU) and Jahangirnagar University (JU) broke the locks on the gates of the university’s residential halls. After that the movement has spread to some other universities including RU. In this context, the Minister of Education called an emergency press conference today. Dipu Moni.

Educational institutions have been closed since March 16 last year. After a few steps, the holiday has been announced till February 28. Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, “We hope to see the next March-April, March, because the coronavirus started in large numbers in our country in March.” I will keep an eye on this February. If it is good in February, there are plans to open a limited number of educational institutions later.

On January 22, the Department of Secondary and Higher Education issued guidelines to open educational institutions by ensuring hygiene in the Corona situation. Following this guideline, all educational institutions are asked to prepare for opening. The 39-page guideline was sent to schools and colleges to prepare schools by February 4 so that they could be reopened at any time.


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